Learn all about the underground world in just 7 steps!

Learn all about the underground world in just 7 steps!

Posted On:2022-11-02

Hello everyone, I'm Bandit! Even though I have a fierce name, I’m actually a super cute dog here to help you!

Now, let me tell you all about this awesome tomb raiding world!


Step 1: Choose a Class!

There are three classes in the game: Blademaster, Gunslinger and Sage.

Blademasters use blades, they’re totally the best at close combat. Ancient tombs often contain scary monsters, so long blades are super duper useful! As time went on, Blademasters established themselves as a branch of tomb raiders, and the long blade became the symbol for this school.

Gunslingers mostly use firearms that deal long-range damage, but also use recovery skills. Wowza, don’t underestimate this class!

Sage warriors use umbrellas as weapons, and they’re skilled at using Fengshui compasses to discover Dragon Veins. They not only have amazing combat power, but also have array buffs. This class is not to be messed with!

Which class is your favorite? Let Bandit know in the comments!


Step 2: Properly choose equipment before battles! Woof!

There’s tons of different equipment in the game divided into a few levels. The most rare equipment is orange “Legendary Gear” that every raider wishes they could have! Each equipment has their own special attributes, you may not be satisfied with just one piece of “Legendary Gear”! You can even upgrade equipment attributes. Why don’t you try it out?

You can obtain equipment after finishing tasks or defeating monsters. Bandit is looking forward to seeing what kind of equipment you get!


Step 3: Collect your favorite treasure!

You can’t have a tomb raider that doesn’t search for treasure! But not everything you dig from the ground is valuable, this is why you gotta get treasure authenticated in the Authentication Room!

You can find treasure through treasure hunting or defeating monsters. These treasures will permanently grant you special attribute bonuses after you activate them! Complete treasure collections to power yourself up even more, by starring them up. Go to your collection page to check out all your shiny goodies any time you like!


Step 4: Go around town in a sweet ride!

There are tons of destinations in Time Raiders, and what better way to get around than on a sweet motorbike? Not only will you travel around faster, but you’ll also get bonus attributes! Vehicles unlock after you reach level 70, are you as excited as I am?

You can get cool vehicles through various events, and improve their attributes in Vehicle Assembly! Bandit saw some really cool displays and wants to share the secret with you!

Isn’t this cool? Come and try out your new ride now! You can ride around with the wind in your face, Bandit’s already jealous!


Step 5: Bring your pet with you!

Exploring mysterious places can be tough when you’re alone, everything is easier when you have your best friend with you!

I, Bandit, will be your first pet! You should feel honored to fight along such a cute pet like me, rawr!

Pets will start off as babies, and grow alongside you. Your pet will always be by your side! New outfits for pets are also available for your choosing!

Psst. My job is the most important of them all! I collect all the treasure laying around. Hehe, aren’t I the best?


Step 6: Teamwork makes the dream work!

The Companion system unlocks 3 days after server opening, and once you reach level 150. But Companions won’t come to you naturally! You gotta call people up on the phone to try to recruit them. Sometimes they might not feel like answering though! You might get Companion Memento or Companion EXP, you just need 100 Companion Mementos to get to know someone better. Plus, a Companion is guaranteed every ten calls!

There are different quality Companions - SSR, SR, and R. There are different chances of obtaining different quality Companions. Specific probabilities can be checked at the top left icon in-game!

To call a Companion, you gotta enter a phone number, any phone number that comes to mind! Maybe you’ll reach an awesome SSR Companion.

Of course, not all Companions are reachable through the phone. Certain mysterious “legendary” Companions don’t give out their info easily! See if you can figure out how to get close to them, hehe.


Step 7: Build up your Clan!

Sometimes one might feel a bit lonely in a city as big as Hangzhou. This is where your Clan comes in! With your found family, you’ll never be lonely! Create or join a Clan to help each other and support each other. Who knows, maybe a new friend might help you in a spot of trouble!

In a Clan, you can donate to Clan Buildings, auction special goods, and fight with your Clan members to become the top of the Nine!

Would you wanna be a mighty Clan leader? Bandit thinks you’re up to the task!


Bandit’s guide is finally over. Whew, speaking so much has got me sleepy! Bandit’s going to take a nap now, but you’d better come play with me again later in-game! I’ll be waiting!